Ursviken is an industry leader in developing press brake technology that provides manufacturers with proven solutions to the challenges associated with bending heavy plate.

From standard to custom, our engineered solutions are designed to reduce non-value-added processes while maximizing bending productivity and capabilities.

All our machines are built on the same high quality principles. Our focus is always on long-life standards and the possibility to renew and repair, rather than discard. Our machines have a long life span of 30+ years, allowing you to produce current and future high demanding products for a long period of time. 

We believe that DBR and integrated mechanical CNC crowning are the best ways to achieve optimal bending results, regardless of where or how wide and hard you press. We also offer angle measuring systems, mechanical or non-contact optical systems, often integrated in or on variable dies.

Ursviken offers a variety of customizable bending solutions. The Ursviken Optima series of press brakes are all custom-engineered and built to the customer’s specifications and necessary tool attachments. The Ursviken machine program is made to adapt to different needs and demands.