Solutions for Military

Bending armor-grade steel for military solutions requires a press brake of high tonnage capacity, capable of bending even the toughest materials.

In addition, you’re going to need heavy duty tools that can withstand those forces without issues, and the flexibility to quickly and effortlessly switch those tools depending on the product you are manufacturing. 


The rigid machine frame ensures high precision during the full machine life span, 30+ years

Ursviken offers a variety of customizable bending solutions. The Ursviken Optima series of press brakes are all custom-engineered and built to the customer’s specifications.

No two Optima brakes have ever been built the same.

How Can Ursviken Help You Achieve These Goals? 

We can build a very high tonnage machine to accommodate bending armor grade steel. 

Large stroke and daylight/ tool space to allow flexibility in producing a variety of different products.  

Fully CNC controlled Variable Die Tool allows changes to die opening made directly from the control system within seconds. 

Multiple front and back gauges to make process quicker.

Heavy duty CNC lift swing (sheet follower) 

FlexiCrown compensates for local thickness deviations in metal and uneven wear on the upper and lower tools, resulting in a more accurate bend angle.

More room for bending complex products with parking stations for front equipment and possibility to lower back gauge to the floor.

Additional space for special tools with lifting bars – heavy VDTs can roll out to the side. Heavy duty tool clamping UMV 200 for very large tools.

Machines can be designed to fit an existing foundation or to accommodate height restrictions 

Customized overhead crane attachments can be added to the machine frame. 

Choose the right product.

The product of choice is Optima. Optima is available from 400 ton up to 5000+ ton and in length 4-20 m in single design.