About Ursviken.

With world-leading know-how in advanced press brakes and tailor made automated production systems, we have been driving innovation for over 135 years. Our designs have become production standards in most segments of the business, and we never stop improving.

100% Made in Sweden. Always.

Industry-leading machinery
and technology, made in Sweden.

With over 135 years of industry experience, Ursviken Technology AB is a globally leading manufacturer of CNC Press Brakes, Shears, Hydraulic Presses and Straightening Presses. We design, manufacture and deliver custom-engineered machines all over the world. Since 1950, we have been supplying equipment to over 100 countries worldwide. Even for the most advanced sheet, metal and plate processing work. Our designs have become industry standard in most segments of the business, of which we are very proud.

We have extensive experience of fully automatic production cells and robot bending, even for larger press brakes, and we are globally known for our innovations.

We believe that working closely with the customer is the right way for understanding the needs and demands of todays high-paced and competitive businesses. By managing everything from the software to the electric, hydraulic and mechanic design in-house, our experienced engineers and modern equipment allows a short response time and successful results.

We always say that we know our machines by the end users name, not the model year. Meaning that our machines our custom-made based on each client’s unique needs, and will last for decades to come.

Our promise

Before we deliver a press brake, die tool, CNC software or any of our products, we do a full test run to ensure that everything works as expected. The machines are then shipped and installed by our own experts at the site. Both global and local support and service are supplied by our trained engineers. Either at our subsidiaries or partners located all over the world.

At Ursviken we see the delivery of every press brake, shear machine or straightening press as the beginning of a great relationship with a customer. That is the time when we get to show our highly prioritized after sales and customer support. We know that all users demand a high availability of their equipment. We also know that working machinery is critical for the business to run as expected. That is why we have gathered all our expertise under the same roof, so that we can promise short response times and professional customer support for all our clients.

Our history

Our business was founded in 1885 in the small town of Ursviken, in northern Sweden. The company was introduced as a foundry and a mechanical workshop to produce machines for the forest- and sawmill industries. Due to the location at the port of the nearby bigger city of Skellefteå, we also delivered parts to the visiting ships at the port.

During the 20th century the company Ursviken Mekaniska Verkstad AB (UMV) and PULLMAX had joint sales companies. Since PULLMAX was more easily pronounced internationally, Ursvikens press brakes and shears have often been sold as the name PULLMAX.


1902 – Ursviken manufactured the first sheet metal processing machine. It was a mechanically belt-driven combined shear and press brake.

1945 – Business took a new turn and the production of hydraulic powered press brakes and shears was introduced. Ursviken now completely focused on the manufacturing and development of sheet metal and plate processing machines.

1965 – Ursviken was the first manufacturer of press brakes in the world to introduce a press brake with DBR Technology. DBR or Double Bed Reference is based on two independent master cylinders that automatically gets adjusted to individually set the press depth, completely independent of frame deflections. Ursviken took the technological lead globally and the rumours of press brakes with great quality spread fast.

1973 – The first NC Technology for press brakes was introduced. In 1979 CNC Servo-Hydraulic was introduced.

1987 – Integrated CNC Crowning was introduced and became standard on all press brakes.

1992 – The first CNC Variable Die Tool (VDT) was introduced. This meant that setup times was reduced and the productivity could increase because of the adjustable Vee.

1994 – The FlexiCrown came. The FlexiCrown is a CNC crowning system that can be locally adjusted along the length of the press table even outside the side frames. This was a unique option to increase the quality of long bent parts in thicker and harder plate qualities.

2000 – Our modular press brake series OptiFlex was introduced to the world. The OptiFlex press brake can comes in sizes from 100 ton and 2 meters to 320 ton and 6 meters.

2010 – Ursviken introduces a new automation concept to better handle additional equipment, for instance feeding and discharging sheet metal to the press brake, sheet metal inverters, etc.

2013 – Ursviken has developed a frequency controller for the main motor, Eco-pump. With a frequency inverter you save energy, reduce noise and extend the oil life cycle.

2021 – We present the world’s longest single press brake, 20 meters long.

2022 – Our smallest line of press brakes, Optiflex, now available up to 400 ton.

Our future

We always say that we never stop improving. Those words means a lot to us at Ursviken. The press brake industry is in constant development and we are driven by continuing to improve our products and to maintain our global leading position in the market. We are in constant development of the CNC technology, press brake dies, hydraulic press brakes,  shears and everything that goes with it. Our engineers are ready to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.