Solutions for
crane arms

Maintaining full-length bend accuracy on telescopic crane arm components is a big challenge. Count on Ursviken for repeatable accuracy, increased productivity, and lower cost of manufacturing.

Crane arms require maximum precision and exact bends.

Optimize Your Production with These Options.

• Fully CNC controlled Variable Die Tool allows changes to die opening to be made directly from the control system within seconds.

• Flexi Crown – local corrections for every ~600 mm over the full bend length to compensate for any material variations across the length of the part, guaranteeing accurate bending results.

• Back and front gauges allow exact positioning of the sheet, and the angle measuring system assists in reaching the correct bending angle during production, resulting in an exact bend – every time.

• Rotating tool magazine makes radius tools changes less heavy for the operator.


Variable die tool

Revolving Punch Tip.

Easier, faster, and safer to change the radius of the bend.

Choose the right product.

For bending crane arms, the product of choice is Optima. Optima is available from 400 ton up to 5000+ ton and in length 4-20 m in single design.