Tools and Accessories.

Ursviken produce high quality tools for their press and shear equipment. This image shows our unique Ursviken VDT as can be combined with standard crowning or flexicrown.

High quality tools matching all kinds of press brakes.

If you are looking at standard tools or special designed, it doesn’t matter. We look into your requirements and supply a tool setup to match what you need.

To minimize the stop time between different products is one of the best ways to increase productivity.

Ursviken have many different solutions to assist in changing and store tools and also robot equipment to handle monotonous or dangerous work.

Tools and Holders.

Various models available, contact us for further information.

Tools and Accessories
Tools and Accessories


Electrical and hydraulically upgrades available to increase the lifetime on old machinery and turn them to modern machines.

Tool Storage and Extractors.

Help you to keep your tooling in a safe and controlled space and reduce the time to change them between different products.

Tools and Accessories