Solutions for infrastructure

Bending bridge girders and other long infrastructure components require a press brake of high tonnage capacity and with a bed big enough to be able to accommodate long parts.

Small errors in radii and bend angles can easily accumulate which can result in costly, time-consuming re-work procedures and increased production time when moving to the welding process. 

Typical bridge girder manufacturer can decrease their production time from ~50 to 11 minutes with our automated solution. 

Unique Ursviken solution for your one-of-a-kind needs 

We understand that no two customers’ needs are identical. That’s why Ursviken never produces the same machine twice.

When it comes to bending bridge girders, we have the expertise to provide the press brake, controls, automation, and guarding to maximize your productivity and profits. 

How Can Ursviken Help You Achieve These Goals? 

Accurate, repeatable performance is one of the characteristics of Ursviken press brakes that has made us a global leader in precision metal bending since we built our first machine back in 1902.  

FlexiCrown can compensate for local thickness deviations in the metal and uneven wear on the upper and lower tools. Resulting in a more accurate bend angle across the entire length of the machine. 

Ursviken takes extraordinary pride in saying that we have built the largest single (non-tandem) press brake ever made, at 2,500 tons capacity, with a bed length of 20 meters, or a little over sixty-five (65) feet.  

The Ursviken Optima series of press brakes are all custom-engineered and built to the customer’s specifications. No two Optima brakes have ever been built the same. 

Our Automation Engineering and Design team is experienced in working with customers producing solutions for infrastructure, to develop innovative, reliable ways to automate the process and help them achieve the goals stated above.

The rigid machine frame ensures high precision during the full machine life span, 30+ years, allowing you to produce current and future high demanding products for a long period of time.

Choose the right product.

The product of choice is Optima. Optima is available from 400 ton up to 5000+ ton and in length 4-20 m in single design.