Hydraulic Customized Presses.

Optimize your production with a custom made press from Ursviken.

With a world-leading know-how in advanced presses and tailor made automated production systems, we have been driving innovation for over a century.

Made from scratch.
To fit your needs.

close up of a plate

Winding Press

4 cylinder winding press tool compresses the winding to an optimal position.

close up of a plate

Frame Bender

Ursviken SBRP frame bender 4-way bending and straightening machine designed for the shipbuilding industry.

close up of a plate

Straightening Press

Heavy-duty hydraulic 3-axis machine for straightening heavy material.

At Ursviken we have designed and produced custom made hydraulic presses for over 85 years.

All businesses are unique, so are their needs. To make sure your business gets the right machinery, the best way is always to have it customized.

Please contact us and let us know what you need for increased productivity.