When it all Began….

Aug 8, 2022

We’re going back to our 1902 edition of the Ursviken Machine Works General Catalog for a nostalgic look at our very first 60-ton capacity mechanically driven combination shear and press brake.

Once again, necessity is the mother of invention, and by this time in our company’s history, they were finding that they needed to develop and build more of their own machinery to process metal parts for the shipbuilding and repair, forestry, sawmill, fishing and sawmill products and services that they provided. This machine bears little resemblance to a modern-day press brake, including being driven by an overhead line shaft, having about a 2-foot-wide brake forming capacity, and featuring pretty much zero in the form of safety guarding.  Forget about a color touch screen controller or an automatic tool changer.

Look at that frame, though. This machine was built STURDY, and I’ll bet that it got used for a long time before finally being retired.  Judging from the size of the gear train components, there was plenty of mechanical energy available for bending and shearing of thick materials. Just make sure to keep your hands and other body parts out of the way! Unfortunately, there was no pricing for this machine in the catalog, but judging the price of other products, I’ll guess that it was a few hundred US dollars at the time.

Ursviken is proud of our Northern Sweden traditions of innovation, quality, reliability, and long-lasting value.  We’ve been building press brakes for 120 of the 137 years of our existence and have quietly set many industry standards for modern press brake technology and performance.  We can build one for you. Take a look at our modern press brakes and shears

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I like to close with a short lesson in Swedish vocabulary:  Ursviken is pronounced “Oosh-veeken”.  Try it.

David Stone

David Stone

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