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“Ursviken or no one” – Precise Bends for a Steel Service Center

Feb 27, 2023

When Dala Plåtteknik needed to renew some of their machinery, the supplier of choice was obvious to the CEO Ted Anderses. “I had previous experience with Ursviken, and to me it was them or no one,” he says.  

Accurate bends with Ursviken Flexicrown 

As a Steel Service Center, Dala Plåtteknik produces a variety of different parts for their customers in different industries. Some of the customers require very tight tolerances in their parts, which is why an Ursviken FlexiCrown was an essential addition when designing the machine. “FlexiCrown has been fantastic, it’s reliable, even when we are bending big volumes,” says Mr. Anderses. “We have had visitors in our workshop, and some couldn’t believe how accurate the bends of thick materials are with the help of FlexiCrown,” he continues.


“I had previous experience with Ursviken, and to me it was them or no one.”
Ted Anderses, CEO at Dala Plåtteknik


The key to FlexiCrown’s extreme precision is the crowning wedge, which is divided into segments. These segments can be independently positioned without interference from other segments, resulting in a much more accurate bend than with traditional crowning solutions. 

Ursviken flexicrown

Ursviken FlexiCrown, with adjustments spaced at 600 mm intervals, provides the ultimate precision.


Special tooling choices to maximize production efficiency  

To accommodate the various materials used and parts produced by Dala Plåtteknik, special tooling options were added in the design process. For a Steel Service Center with varying production, a Variable Die Tool (VDT) is a necessity to keep stop times to a minimum. A VDT will eliminate the massive amounts of wasted time spent changing large pieces of tooling manually. It can withstand extremely high loads and offers unlimited bending length.