Ursviken Group Board visit to factory

The Board of Ursviken Group visits the factory

Sep 19, 2022

The board of Ursviken Group Oy visited Ursviken factory, located in Northern Sweden, where all its Press brakes and Shears are produced. During the visit the board was able to observe how much has changed in the past years – especially when it comes to advances in technology and automation. “We are very proud to witness the great development of Ursviken Technology, to strengthen its position to become industry leader of developing the biggest and most advanced press brakes in the world”, says Arto Metsänen, Chairman of the Board. 

Walking around the assembly hall, it is hard not to be impressed by the large machines reaching over 10 meters in height above floor level. What is even more impressive is that each machine is unique – tailored for the customer’s demands to most efficiently improve their business. “Lately we have worked very hard to improve our offering to meet the customer’s demands even more closely,” says Nicklas Jakobsson, CEO of Ursviken Technology. “Our business concept is to make our customers more profitable. By developing custom solutions in the highest tonnage range with full automation, we are confident that our machines are best-in-class”, he continues. 

We at Ursviken are proud to say that our rate of returning customers is very high. One of the main contributors is our quality of service and cooperation with the customer. We work hard to ensure that the customer can keep their production running as efficiently as possible, while making improvements in production times. “We are not striding to be the cheapest brand on the market, but we know that the return on investment on our machines are unbeatable,” says Nicklas. “And that is what keeps our customers coming back for new investments,” he continues.  

With over 135 years in the industry, Ursviken continues to develop and come up with new innovations. “Whether it’s the board or a customer that comes for a visit, they will always have new features to observe, that will keep our customers’ competitive advantage on a higher level”, Nicklas says.