Boyd Metal industries

Ensuring Fast Turnaround Times for 24 Years

Nov 30, 2022

An Ursviken client since 1995, Boyd Metal Industries provides expert heavy steel processing solutions to the Western Australian market. The company offers a one-stop shop solution for the steel processing needs of mining, transport, architecture, and agriculture industries.   

24 years of operation without failure  

The highest tonnage press brake in Boyd Metal Industries’ Perth facility is a 1000-ton Optima from Ursviken. Since its installation in 1998, the machine has been run on a busy schedule by the same operator, Woon Lim. After 24 years, the machine is still being operated 6 days a week, without failure.   

“We push the boundaries with all the different work that we do. For it to still be reasonably maintenance free, it’s really quite impressive,” says Tom Clark, Manager at Boyd Metal Industries.

Optima being operated at Boyd metal industries

1000-ton Ursviken Optima at Boyd Metal Industries   


Reliability and accuracy are the cornerstones  

Whenever accuracy is needed, the Ursviken brake has delivered great results. “We have just finished a job for a big client with very tight tolerances and we managed to form the 32mm material more accurately than they required,” tells Mr. Clark.   

Operating six days a week on a wide variety of different bending jobs, the key to success has been the reliability of the machine. “With it being our largest and busiest machine, reliability needs to be there. A lot of our work is based on a fast turnaround. If we have a machine that’s out of order for even a day, it really affects our customers’ production lines,” says Mr. Clark.