Solutions for Wind Power Plants

Bending material for wind power plants requires a press brake of high tonnage capacity and with a bed long enough to be able to accommodate long parts. Whatever the style of the tower you need to produce, you are going to be facing the following issues: 

  • Difficulty in hiring skilled operators 
  • Operator safety concerns 
  • Sky-high raw material costs 
  • Inconsistent material characteristics 
  • Downstream processing issues – most often in the welding department due to inconsistent bending performance 

    No two Optima Press Brakes have ever been built the same.

    At the end of the day, your goals should be

    • The ability to quickly set up a machine when switching jobs  
    • To make a good part the first time (and every subsequent time) regardless of variables in material  
    • To reduce cycle time  
    • To improve operator working conditions  
    • Reduce labor costs by eliminating personnel (especially concerning material handling) where possible by using innovative automation. 

      How Can a Press Brake from Ursviken Help You Achieve These Goals? 

      Asymmetric Die Opening (VDT) – Allows a shorter flange length and reduces the amount of required tonnage. 

      Accurate, repeatable performance is one of the characteristics of Ursviken press brakes that has made us a global leader in precision metal bending since we built our first machine back in 1902.  

      Ursviken takes extraordinary pride in saying that we have built the largest single (non-tandem) press brake ever made, at 2,500 tons capacity, with a bed length of 20 meters, or a little over sixty-five (65) feet.  

      FlexiCrown can compensate for local thickness deviations in the metal and uneven wear on the upper and lower tools. Resulting in a more accurate bend angle across the entire length of the machine. 

      The Ursviken Optima series of press brakes are all custom-engineered and built to the customer’s specifications and needed equipment. No two Optima brakes have ever been built the same.  

      The rigid machine frame ensures high precision during the full machine life span, 30+ years, allowing you to produce current and future high demanding products for a long period of time. 

      Fully CNC controlled angle measurement system – integrated in the control system and easy for the operator.

      Choose the right product.

      For wind power plants, the product of choice is Optima. Optima is available from 400 ton up to 5000+ ton and in length 4-20 m in single design.