Sales Engineer

Ursviken Inc., which provides sales and service support for Ursviken press brakes in North America, is located in Elgin, Illinois, and is looking for the right person to take on the challenge of selling high-end, precision press brake and automation solutions. 

About Ursviken

Ursviken Technology has been building the world’s best press brakes at our factory in northern Sweden for over 120 years.  During that time, our company has evolved to become the global leader in B-I-G press brakes and innovative automation.

Our flagship machines – the Optima series – are available from 400 to 10,000+ tons capacity.  They are custom engineered to order, along with automation if desired.  For more standard and lower tonnage applications, our pre-configured OptiFlex series offers performance and value from 200 to 400-tons capacity. 

Ursviken’s core customers segments include:

  • Steel utility poles and infrastructure components 
  • Shipbuilding 
  • Cranes 
  • Rockets & other space vehicles 
  • Heavy truck components 
  • Military components 

    Sound Interesting? 

    The ideal candidate for this position will bring these skills to the table:  

    1. Demonstrable experience solution-selling press brakes and related automation – ideally with large, high-tonnage brakes bending thick materials, and with good personal and business connections in the core industries where Ursviken solutions can really shine. 
    2. You understand metal bending processes and enjoy working closely with customers and the Ursviken engineering team to help find the best solutions. 
    3. Good sales prospecting and presenting capabilities. 
    4. You work well with a support team to help you close sales and maintain customer satisfaction. 
    5. The ability to think on your feet and make a lot of your own decisions. 
    6. You have an engaging personality.  You are a pleasant, fun person to be around, and you get along well with others. 
    7. A willingness to travel for sales and customer support as necessary. 
    8. International travel to Sweden, Canada and Mexico for machine checkouts may be required.  (Valid passport needed.) 
    9. Provide sales support at trade shows and industry events as required. 
    10. Valid driver’s license required. 
    11. Good written & verbal communication abilities. 
    12. Ability to work with Microsoft Office and a CRM. 
    13. Focused and patient mindset.  These are big machines with typically a long sales cycle. 
    14. Working remotely is a possibility for the right person. 


        1. A competitive salary and generous commissions. 
        2. Excellent benefits package. 
        3. A pleasant working environment. 
        4. Satisfaction & Bragging Rights:  Maybe YOU can be the person to sell the next “Largest Press Brake in the World”. 

              Are you the “elephant hunter” we’re looking for?  If this unique opportunity sounds like something you would like to talk to us about in greater detail, please contact us today!

              Jamie Sims, General Manager
              (630) 549-5565


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