Solutions for machines with robot cells

Ursviken press brake robots allow you to quickly get up and running to deliver high quality products to your customers. Noise level and energy consumption are low. 

Safety guards with plexiglass walls and a clear light-pillar on the outside provide quick overviews of cell status. Several supervised sliding doors also allow easy access to the press for loading the table magazine with sheet metal or removing finished materials.  


The rigid machine frame ensures high precision during the full machine life span, 30+ years

Ursviken offers a variety of customizable bending solutions.

The many benefits of the Ursviken solution

  • Enables unmanned operation.

  • Faster production with possibility to have the machine running 24/7. 
  • Short delivery time and quick installation.

  • Low investment cost and short payback time.

  • Energy saving mode for press (ECO pump) and robot.

  • Access to support and service agreements. 

Choose the right product for your needs.

OptiFlex is the product of choice when you need a reliable press brake. Optiflex is available from 100 tons up to 400 tons press force and a bend length of 2100 – 6100 mm.