To ensure a high production rate the machines flexibility is key.


With a lot of options available you can design the machine to fit your needs and the well known Ursviken quality will make sure you have a machine you can trust for decades.


  • Ursviken OptiFlex will make sure you deliver high quality products to your clients.
  • A Press Brake that can produce with low noise levels and energy consumption
  • 可靠的性能
  • A large range of options are available, such as CNC sheet support, back gauges, variable die tools (VDT), angle control with automatic compensation, tool magazine and CNC crowning.
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Specifications OptiFlex.

Press force
100 – 400 Ton

Maximum bend length
2500 – 6500 mm

Length between side frame
2100 – 6100 mm

Tool space
550 – 585 mm

400 mm

*For customized solutions, contact Ursviken Technology AB sales department