USA Sales Director David Stone

David Stone – the new National Sales Director for Ursviken, Inc.

Feb 22, 2022

The Ursviken Group is pleased to welcome aboard David Stone as the new National Sales Director for Ursviken, Inc. David brings over 40 years of experience in machine tool sales, marketing, and sales management to his new position.

David is very excited about this new chapter in his career and is anxious to lean on the vast experience of the Ursviken, Pivatic, and engineering, technical, and sales teams to learn about the products, and to develop new sales materials and tools that will increase the visibility and grow the sales of the Ursviken and Pivatic brands.

On a more personal level, David lives with his wife in eastern Pennsylvania, where he enjoys spending time with his two granddaughters whenever he gets the chance, maintaining an organic garden, home canning, cooking, and making smoked meats. (Bacon is one of his specialties!) He enjoys listening to classic rock music, has seen Pulp Fiction at least 25 times, and uses old school wood cased pencils for 99% percent of the writing that he does. Most people who know him will tell you that he’s a funny guy with a dark sense of humor.