Optima 5000 tons

Building Giants

Jan 16, 2024

The sheet metal solution and service providers at Ursviken Inc. have a reputation for thinking big. The team is currently constructing the largest press brake in the industry. The Optima will have a bending length of 73 ft ., a bending force of 5,500 U.S. tons and stand 33 ft . above floor level. The press brake will be anchored in a pit 20 ft . deep. According to Anton Nordqvist, technical sales support for Ursviken, it will take operators more than 1 minute to walk around the machine. Seven front and back gauges, 11 sheet followers and approximately 500 ft . of linear rails are key components of the design/ build, which is expected to be completed in first quarter 2024.

“A single, large press brake can give a manufacturer more flexibility to bend bigger, longer parts because you aren’t limited by a C-frame configuration,” says Jamie Sims, General Manager at Ursviken Inc.

Ursviken’s milestone machine is the latest in a line of industry firsts that include automated sheet flipping technology, integrated CNC crowning, CNC variable die tools and its proprietary FlexiCrown CNC crowning system.

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